Rope Barrier

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4 Item(s)

Rope Barrier

A rope barrier provides a highly attractive means for deterring pedestrian entry. A rope barrier is perfect for using in banks, museums, concert halls and more. A rope barrier may be used in place of other forms of queue barriers.

What is a rope barrier?

A rope barrier is a post or pole that uses a rope to deter entry to pedestrians. A rope barrier comes with a highly attractive post that allows ropes to be connected to it. They are utilised in places such as banks, museums, concert venues, nightclubs and more.

Why buy a rope barrier?

  • Highly attractive barrier at a low cost
  • Deter or allow entry in an instant
  • Transport to or from site easily
  • Suitable for professional environments
  • Change ropes easily

why use a rope barrier?

How to install a rope barrier?

A rope barrier can be installed in 3 easy steps - 

  • Install the base plate over the weighted base
  • Screw the main post into the base
  • Attach the ropes to the posts using the clips

The Windsor Rope Post comes in top styles and 3 finishes. Choose the post finish that best suits your colour scheme or environment. This rope barrier is highly effective and comes with a weighted base, ideal for using in outdoor environments where it won't blow over in the wind. 

The braided rope - premium is a popular choice of rope. It can attach to the post quickly using 2 clip types. Attach the rope in seconds and create barriers for queues instantly. These ropes also come with a unique 3 year warranty, providing a long-service life for muliple uses. 

rope barrier

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