Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Bike racks can help to create excellent bike storage solutions for your business, school front or even at home.  By using a bike rack, you can quickly and easily store bikes, safe in the knowledge that they are secured correctly. Where most bike racks or bike stands allow for the storage of single bike units at a time, a wall mounted bike rack can be ideal for places where bike storage space is at a minimum.  By using a wall mounted bike rack, you can keep the space on the ground or floor where other bike racks would normally be stored and use the bike rack to take the bike off the floor entirely.

What kind of bike rack can I use in my home garage?

Bike storage options for a garage can help to utilise the available space as best as possible, allowing you to store other items as neatly as possible while your bikes can hang against the wall with ease.  The Bike Wall Hanger can help you to store multiple bikes at once – the bike rack itself is mounted directly to a flat wall and can store a number of bikes at once.  The hoop system that this wall mounted bike rack employes allows you to simply lift your front or back wheel of the bike onto the hoop for quick and easy securing with a lock.  What’s more, the up-down design of the hoops allow you to store bikes without the worry of the handlebars of the bikes hitting off each other.

What kind of wall mounted bike rack do I need for my school?

Bike Storage on school grounds has become so important, especially with the emphasis on healthy living among students and pupils.  The Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Rack provides excellent bike storage for single bikes at a time.  These wall mounted bike racks can be bolted onto a wall quickly and easily and allow for bikes to be locked in quickly.  Where they won’t raise the bike off the ground they do help your school to utilise ground space as best as possible, reducing the need for a bike rackframe on the ground and helping to reduce trip hazards.


wall mounted bike rack


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