Bike Hanger - Neat Space-Saving Bike Storage

Often the basement of an apartment or office block will be the only space available for additional bike storage. Let's face it these areas can be cramped and hard to access. Becoming more popular is our innovative range of bike hangers which allow you to use the vertical space, thus reducing the amount of floor space required. Hardware stores offer a wide variety of multi-purpose hooks which you can suspend a bicycle from. However cyclist much prefer to see a specialist bike hanger giving them re-assurance that their bicycle will not be damaged or stolen when in storage. If you need space-saving bike storage that is safe, secure and easy to use then choose from our range of bike hangers. Bike Hangers - our top 5 space-savers

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Bike Hangers: Out best-selling space-savers

Bike Hanger 39

Bike Hanger 3900

  • Ideal for tough environments - built to last!
  • Will never rust
  • Available as straight or angled to save even more space
  • Plastic covers prevent damage to bike.
 Bike Wall Hanger 3800

 Bike Wall Hanger 3800

  • Quick Install
  • Space Saving Bike Storage
  • Perfect for basements or tight spaces.
  • Complete with anti-theft hooks for securing bike locks.







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