Bike Rack for Garage - the best sellers for home use

Are you tired of tripping over your new bike in the garage? Is your bicycle getting damaged every time you take the lawnmower out? Then have a look at Pittman Traffics extensive range of professional bike racks for garage / home use. If you commute to work daily on your bike, or just are a weekend cyclist then you will know the benefits of keeping your bike secure and safe in the garage. Even if your bike is locked securely in your garage, you know that as much damage can happen to a prized investment if it's just left leaning against the wheelbarrow in the garage. For inside storage choose the ECO-4 head bike rack which has alternate high / low heads which reduces the chances of the handle-bars clashing - it's also space saving so ideal for smaller sheds or garages, especially if all of the bikes are childrens.


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