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bike stand

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8 Item(s)

Bike Stand

A bike stand provides an excellent means for bike storage. Deter theft of bikes by locking the bikes into place. Bike stands allow the bike be locked via the bike's frame for added security. Choose a bike stand for added high quality protection of bicycles.

What is a bike stand used for?

A bike stand is used to lock a bike into place to deter theft. Bicycle owners will be able to lean their bike against the stand and lock into place using their own lock. In comparison to bike racks they have arguably higher security due to the ability to lock via the frame and not just the bike wheel.

One of our most popular options is the City Giro Bike Stand. These one-piece bike stands come with a circular format that allow bikes to be locked into place with ease. The circular design makes them highly attractive and suitable for the most professional of environments. 

what is the best bike stand?

How to install a bike stand?

A bike stand is typically bolted into the ground or concreted into place. If you want a fast installation choose the Sheffield Cycle Stand. This popular model comes in a bolt down or sub-surface format. The bolt down cycle stand can typically be installed in 25-30 mins per unit. 

Bike stand installation

1) Plan ahead and assess area for install

2) Space bike stand appropriately from other stands, walls etc.

3) Mark pre-drilled holes using a drill

4) Drill holes using appropriate drillbit size

5) Insert any rawlplugs into place using a hammer

6) Insert bike stand into place and tigthen into position

Install bike stands approximately 1 metre apart. This leaves room for other bike stands to be inserted into the other stands in the vicinity

Once installed the Sheffield Bike Stand can store up to 2 bikes each. Lock a bike into place on each side of the stand at any one time. The Sheffield stands are a perfect bike storage option for bike shelters and open plan areas. Sheffield's have been very popular with the likes of schools, business premises and more.

bike stand

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