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Bike Storage: Encourage your staff to cycle to work by offering good cycle security solutions

There are so many reasons to encourage your employees to cycle to work, not least being the reduced strain on the environment. By motivating your staff to cycle to work you will be doing your bit when it comes to lowering emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. Just as importantly you’ll be encouraging employees to contribute to their physical health and well-being. New research suggests that even in cities where air pollution is high the health benefits of active travel still outweigh those of a sedentary commute.

Bike Storage

How can you make cycling a more attractive option?

To make cycling a more attractive option there are several things you can do: Firstly, make it more convenient by offering a secure place for cycle storage, and try to include a place where workers can change or store their clothing. Other ways to help make a cycling commute look like a preferable option are to provide training on safe riding, advice on maintenance and help to identify the safest routes for cyclists. Maybe you could explore partnerships with other businesses in the area to get employees discounts on gear from local bike shops?

Bicycle Security solutions

Pittman store a wide range of practical and attractive bike storage options, ideal for deployment at the workplace. Our Low Profile Bike rack is one of our most popular providing storage for up to six bikes. It’s smart “Up-Down” design means handlebars won’t clash, while it’s tough steel construction won’t rust and it will withstand quite a bit of manhandling. For even further protection of bikes in bad weather you could use the rack in conjunction with our Bristol Bike Shelter, which features polycarbonate side panels and a clean simple design that will look great in any work setting. The stainless steel Sheffield Bike Rack is an extra safe solution, allowing cyclists to attach the entire bike to the rack, and the rack can be concreted into the ground for extra security.

Other forms of workplace cycle security to consider

Wall Mount Bike Rack

If space is at a premium our wall-mounted bicycle holder could fit the bill as an option for bike storage. It’s very easy to install onto flat walls and other surfaces, making this is an ideal solution if you are restricted for space. When not in use the bike holder can simply be folded away to save space. The Safety Bike Stand Arched is another option to consider with its simple yet sturdy hoop design, a bicycle rack that can be supplied with or without a crossbar. Not only does this provide a safe and sturdy form of bike storage, but the galvanised steel design that will enhance the look of your property for years to come.

Overcome staff objections and get them on their bikes by providing safe, secure bike storage at your workplace. Call our friendly customer services team to discuss your options - phone today 020 3773 5390

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