Bollards - Which Type for your Workplace?

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Find the ideal type of traffic bollards to suit every situation

Bollards come in a wide variety of forms - from flexible and foldable - to removable and recyclable. Each type offers a distinct type of protection in specific conditions. Pittman offer a wide range of barriers to meet every type of situation. Ask yourself what specifically you need your parking post to do then check out our suggestions below:

1 Do you need to provide occasional access?

If you wish to restrict access in general, but allow access at various times e.g. during maintenance works, then fold-down versions could provide the perfect option. The Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post is a bestselling example, used to protect restricted parking spaces and deter vehicle theft. These use a key mechanism which, when unlocked, enables the post to be lowered and vehicles to pass over safely. Their highly reflective strips mean they can be seen clearly even when lighting is low.

Fold Down Bollard

2 Is it time to ramp up security?

Anti-ram bollards are retractable barriers that act as a deterrent to car theft. They also act to prevent incidences of ram raiding storefronts, as well as prevent vehicles from parking in restricted areas. Their highly visible black and yellow colour makes them quite obvious to drivers while their retractable design means they can be extended or contracted into the grounds and secured out of the way when not required.  A popular form of this type is the Anti Ram-raid Security Retractable barrier– also useful for preventing parking in walkways.

3 Don’t want a trip hazard?

Removable barriers or parking posts enable you to remove them completely when access is required – for example for protecting parking spaces. The posts also deter thieves. Their highly visible red and white design stands out and posts can also be used with link chains to create a seamless barrier. Once removed the spring loaded cover closes shut reducing any trip hazard. Pittman’s Autobahn Removable Steel Post is one of the top selling versions in the UK.

4 Want to minimise damage to vehicles and property?

Our bestselling Flexbrite™ flexible bollards or impact recovery systems are easy to fix in securely and once in place they can help prevent damage to vehicles in the event of a collision. Bending upon impact, posts then immediately spring back in to shape. These brightly coloured posts feature reflective strips so that drivers and pedestrians can see them in all lighting conditions. They make a hard-wearing and cost-effective solution to marking out restricted areas, in car parks or at warehouses.

Flexbrite Flexible Bollard

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5 Going greener?

Recycled Barrier posts feature a stylish urban design that is vandal-resistant and highly reflective for preventing unwanted vehicle access into pedestrianised zones. Ideal for preventing illegal parking on paths they can also be used to separate vehicles from bicycles, creating different lanes for each.

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