Flexible Bollards Help Minimise Damage in Car Parks

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Bollards are an inevitable fixture in virtually any property where drivers park - required both to protect people from parking in unrestricted areas and for ensuring overall car park safety. The question is - which type of post should be used? This will depend to some extent on budget and parking conditions; however flexible bollards are by far the most popular option.


Flexible bollards help mitigate the damage caused by collisions

Flexi posts are an excellent choice for use in car parks. If a vehicle accidentally clips the post or even drives right into them, posts simply spring back in to action, causing vehicles minimal damage. They are an obvious choice for use in all kinds of parking areas from multi-story to underground parks. In these areas spaces are often tight with drivers needing to routinely reverse their cars – the result being that collisions are likely or unavoidable. Because these posts bend upon impact they help to keep vehicles free from damage in the event of any incidents, whilst also acting to protect costly parking infrastructure such as ticket machines, payment booths and security gates.

A safer car parking environment for pedestrians

Flexbrite™ are highly visibility means they can effectively mark out walkways even when lighting is low, making for a safer environment for pedestrians. Posts are available in a range of bright colours, featuring reflective bands to ensure they can be seen even in in dimly lit multi-storey car parks.

save time and expense

Flexible bollards can be used to protect private parking spaces for seasonal or day- to- day use, providing clear, visible guidance to motorists and pedestrians alike. They can withstand multiple impacts bending upon impact without losing their shape or position. The post work efficiently as a visual deterrent because they look like normal rigid post – but instead revert upon impact to their original upright position. So there’s need to replace damaged post or fix vehicles - saving time and cost.

Pittman’s bestselling flexible bollards are ideal for use in car parking zones

Our bestselling FlexBrite™ flexible Bollards offer an easy option to marking out restricted access in car parks and in many other areas. At a metre high these brightly coloured posts are almost impossible to overlook, even in dim lighting, and they can withstand being run into by small to medium-sized vehicles, including trucks. They’re quick and easy to put into place via bolts (included) so you can get them up and working for you in no time. Made from strong and flexible polyurethane, they are long-lasting, providing a long term solution at a low cost.
Our Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollards are another option to consider for use in car parking areas, also acting as a deterrent to drivers. These sturdy steel posts can tilt up to 30 degrees if impacted.

To discuss these and other options when it comes to car park safety and security please get in touch with us – our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here to take your call on 020 3773 5390.


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