How To Choose The Right Wheel Stop

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How to choose the right wheel stop

Across the UK wheel stops have become commonplace among business premises, car parks and even for home owners.  Wheels stops offer a plethora of benefits for any vehicles user and they can be effective in many different kinds of environments -  preventing your car from moving past a certain point in a driveway or reducing the risk of impact in a warehouse or car park.

However, you may not be surprised to know that there are many different kinds of wheel stops – ranging from wheel stops for cars, to vans, to trucks and HGVs. Choosing the right wheel stop might seem like an endeavour at first but here at Pittman we want to make choosing the right wheel stop as easy as possible.


I need a wheel stop for cars

When it comes to wheel stops for using with cars there are some great options.  Some of the most popular options in our range are the Park It Rubber Wheel Stop, perfect for using with all standard cars.  If you’re planning to put down some wheel stops in your driveway or garage you could start with the Home Park Its.  Available in a set of 2, these rubber wheel stops can be bolted down quickly and easily – each home park it is enough to cover one wheel of the car.


The Home Park It Wheel Stops - come in a set of 2 and are ideal for home use


One of our most popular options when it comes to rubber wheel stops for cars is the Park It Wheel Stops 1800mm. Popular in businesses premises and car parks, these rubber wheel stops are 6 feet long and cover the width of most standard cars. Made from recycled rubber these wheel stops are ideal for outdoor environments and create benefits for your car park from the outset.  Again, the rubber park it wheel stop can be bolted down quickly and easily at the head of a parking space and is ideal for preventing cars from moving beyond a certain point.  What’s more, the Park It Rubber Wheel Stops 1800mm are available in a variety of colours, helping you choose a wheel stop that suits your taste or environment.

Park It Wheel Stop 1800mm White installed at the Tesla charging station at South Mimms Welcome Break, London


I need a wheel stop for vans or LGVs

Because vans and LGVs are a lot larger and heavier than the standard car you may need something a bit more robust when it comes to a wheel stop.  There are several rubber wheel stops available for using with vans and HGVs, but the steel wheel stops are the most effective option.  The Van Wheel Stop is a perfect addition to any warehouse or freight environment and is available from stock here at Pittman.  Made from hot dip galvanised steel the van wheel stop is perfect for using indoors and outdoors and can be bolted to the ground quickly and easily, helping to stop vans and light goods vehicles from moving past important points in warehouse or freight depots where nearby infrastructure may be in place or pedestrians may be moving.

The Van Wheel Stop in use outside our Irish warehouse in Athy, Co. Kildare


For a steel wheel stop on the longer side of the scale you could also use the Economy Steel Wheel Stop 2500mm x 170mm.  Because these wheel stops are a lot longer you can use them to cover larger areas in a warehouse or freight depot. With 5 bolt down plates these wheel stops are sure to be durable and sturdy while in use and will provide excellent service for vans and LGVs.


The Economy Steel Steel Wheel Stop 2500 x 170mm is perfect for warehouses and freight depots where there is frequent van and LGV traffic


I need a wheel stop for HGVs and trucks

When it comes to wheel stops for HGVs you need the sturdiest option you can get – HGVs and trucks are obviously a lot heavier and will require something that can really bring the vehicle a stop, especially around a busy freight depot or warehouse.  The most popular option among HGV wheel stops is the HGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop – made from tough, durable rubber these wheel stops utilise a high design on the front end to help stop the largest of trucks.  In the instance that a truck does somehow drive over the wheel stop the back is shorter to allow drivers to pull the vehicle back over the wheel stop again. Fitted with moulded reflective yellow strips these wheels stops are perfect for busy freight depots and are available in both the HGV format or LGV format for smaller vehicles or vans.

The HGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop in use at a freight depot



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