Park it Rubber Wheel Stops – now available in a range of colours

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Put simply, wheel stops are used to stop wheels. They play an essential part in stopping cars from over-running areas, for example in car parks, where drivers often fail to use their mirrors and end up miscalculating spaces. in this case rubber wheel stops can help to direct them into the correct delineated car parking space enabling them to ‘feel’ rather than judge when to stop.

Blue Park It Rubber Wheel Stop

The fact that the stops are made from rubber means they will not cause any damage to the vehicle. Wheel stops are also pivotal in preventing cars from colliding with walls and any expensive car park infrastructure as well as preventing drivers from colliding with cars in adjacent spaces. Rubber wheel stops are also useful for protecting pedestrians from vehicles whilst on public walkways.

Advantages of rubber wheel stops

Pittman’s Park It Rubber Wheel Stops offer an effective solution to reducing the damage to cars when parking in car parking spaces - enabling them to keep within allocated areas. While concrete kerbs are prone to fading, chipping and splitting rubber wheel stops are built to last the long term without deteriorating. And while concrete stops can cause damage to vehicles rubber wheel stops act as a safe deterrent. A big plus point with rubber wheel stops is that they’re easy to move from location to location – which concrete blocks most certainly aren’t.  Due to their relaPark It Rubber Wheel Stop - REDtively light weight they can also be safely stored away in the back of a truck without weighing it down until they are needed again.


You can now select rubber wheel stops in a variety of colours

Pittman’s bestselling GNR 1800mm rubber wheel stops offer a perfect solution for safely stopping cars in their tracks. These stops are both sturdy and effective and are highly eco-friendly being made from 100% recycled tyres. And now, due to popular demand, the stops are available in a range of new bright colours, in addition to the traditional striking yellow/black design.

The new colours are black/white, yellow/white, blue/white and red/white. As before, these colours won’t fade, since the strips are not simply applied with adhesive like many cheaper alternatives - the reflective stripes are actually moulded into the ramps themselves. This makes them extra resilient and guaranteed to keep their visual impact for the long term.  These additional colours ensure they will fit in with individual property requirements at car parks, garages, workshops etc. as well as acting as a visual deterrent in appropriate situations.

Rubber Wheel Stop Red

Our wheel stops are easy to deploy and will arrive with all their necessary fixings ready to install into concrete or tarmac. And, unlike with concrete wheel stops there’s no need to wait after installation - they’re ready to use immediately.

Blue Wheel Stop Disable Parking Space

These new brightly coloured wheel stops are currently in stock – please contact us if you need any help in identifying the right product for your situation. Call us 020 3773 5397

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