Rubber Bollards – The Ultimate Impact Recovery Solution

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Rubber bollards are the perfect way of demarcating out of bounds areas or creating lanes in a number of different environments, including car parks, warehouses or even places like school or college premises. Easy to fix into place and ready for instant use, rubber bollards are an ideal addition for your car park and are ideal for creating laneways between cars or HGVs.  In a warehouse type environment they are superb for separating forklifts from pedestrians and help to protect both the forklift itself and nearby assets like machinery and infrastructure.


Rubber bollards can bend to reduce damage to vehicles and the post itself


Steel bollards v Rubber bollards - what do I need?

While steel bollards are excellent as a permanent fixture outside a shop premises or somewhere similar they do not offer much in the line of flexibility.  Where most steel bollards will remain in a static position they are at risk of bending or breaking permanently if a serious impact with a vehicle occurs.  This means that replacing them will be costly affair, as well as consuming time and effort.

With rubber bollards you have a post that will bend under impact, reducing damage to both the post itself and impacting vehicles.  Here at Pittman rubber bollards are among our best-selling products overall and provide you with excellent benefits from the moment they’re installed.


Pittman's Choice - Flexbrite Rubber Bollards

Here at Pittman we have an entire range dedicated to providing the best in rubber bollards.  The Flexbrite™ rubber bollards are some of our best-selling products and are available in various colours and sizes, allowing you to easily choose the bollards you require.  Each Flexbrite™ rubber bollard is made from tough polyurethane making them perfect for most environments.  The tough, robust material makes them virtually indestructible when it comes to impact from cars and trucks.






What’s more, each of the rubber bollards is fitted with reflective strips to ensure each one is quite visible in most environments, helping drivers and vehicles users to see the bollards in place at all times.  With this high level of visibility these rubber bollards are ideal for using in car parks and warehouse where vehicles traffic is quite frequent, especially when it comes to HGV and forklift activity.


New to the Flexbrite Rubber Bollards Range

Here at Pittman we are constantly updating our product range and the rubber bollards are certainly no exception.  Our latest additions to the rubber bollard range include the Flexbrite™ 110 and Flexbrite™ 70 rubber bollards.

Flexbrite 110 Rubber Bollard
Flexbrite 70 Rubber Bollard


Made from the same tough polyurethane material as the rest of the Flexbrite™ rubber bollard range, these posts are made to last under the most strenuous of tests and provide instant impact recovery benefits as mentioned before.  With the 110 Rubber bollard you get a smaller 750mm high post as opposed to the standard 1 metre high post – the key difference is the 110mm width which offers you a wider, perhaps “chunkier” version of the bollard.  The 70 rubber bollard is again a smaller 700mm high post with a 70mm diameter, making it an ideal substitute if you need a temporary bollard or need something installed on a short to medium term.


Need to attach chain between rubber bollards?  Not a problem...

With the Flexbrite™ rubber bollards also comes the option of rubber bollard accessories.  Once the posts are bolted down you can use the separate adaptor and chain eyes to link lengths of chain between different bollard to help block off larger areas - excellent for the likes of warehouse where you need to separate pedestrians and vehicles or even vehicles from stock or assets.


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Here at Pittman we pride ourselves on our vast rubber bollard range – with a selection of different bollards to choose from we can provide options that are made to last and provide you with the best in impact recovery and traffic management solutions.


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