Sanibrush Disinfectant Mats For Infection Control

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During this current COVID-19 pandemic it is of extreme importance to maintain the best levels of hygiene. Having good business hygiene not only keeps employees safe and healthy - it helps to keep production moving as long as possible.

However, hygiene means much more than regular hand washing and surface cleansing, as those in the agriculture and food processing enviroments will tell you. In these areas even the slightest piece of dirt or debris tracked in via shoes can cause major problems to produce.

Sanibrush Disinfectant Mats
The Sanibrush Disinfectant mat is a tough rubber mat used to clean shoes on entry to a premises. Where a simple doormat removes some debris from shoes the Sanibrush goes a step further and physically disinfects shoes.

How do they work?
⦁ Hundreds of rubber bristles agitate and remove debris
⦁ Ramped edges create natural reservoir in the mat
⦁ Reservoir filled with disinfectant will clean shoes on entry
⦁ Stops bacteria in its tracks - promotes better overall hygiene



Sanibrush Disinfectant Mats -
⦁ Hold up to 4 litres of disinfectant solution
⦁ Are made from 100% nitrile rubber
⦁ Anchor to the ground, will not shift out of place
⦁ Come in a 60 x 80cm size - suitable for most doorways
⦁ Are suitable for use indoors and outdoors



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