Slow Stop Guarding Systems – Why You Need To Know About Pittman’s New Ultimate Warehouse Protection Guards

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The Slow Stop Guarding Systems are a fast-growing product range and have become a staple part of our warehouse products that we have to offer, with great reason. As you’ll see with Slow Stop after purchase it’s easy to see why the range is loved so much across Europe where it has been fitted into many warehouses, freight depots, factories and more.

Whether you are in charge of health and safety, you are the owner of a business or looking after employees is your top priority the Slow Stop Guarding Systems will provide the best and most durable warehouse protection guards that money can buy.

Need some convincing? Here’s some top reasons why Slow Stop bollards work

  • All steel construction – the Slow Stop bollards range features an all-steel design from the bollard itself right down to the base. The highly durable design allows for excellent protection to nearby assets and once in place they will take several impacts from work vehicles, including forklifts or reach trucks.
  • Highly Flexible – The Slow Stop Bollards are highly flexible for steel posts and allow for excellent impact recovery benefits if they are hit. The secret sauce lies in the elastomer which is hidden inside the bottom of every bollard – if impacted the bollard or barrier will bend approximately 20 degrees to reduce damage to both the impacting force and the unit itself.
  • Strength where it counts – the Slow Stop range is incredibly strong and will take a lot of kinetic force during impacts. For instance, the widest bollard (178mm) will take almost 25,800 Joules in terms of force should it be hit - and that’s from a 45 degree angle. The horseshoe type design of similar design (2 side posts with 1 crossmember) can take up to a staggering 72973 Joules if hit – making it perfect for the harshest of warehouses or factories.
  • Versatility – the Slow Stop bollards can be combined in many different formats or layouts to suit your area requirements. When combined in different ways the Slow Stop range can be used to create free-standing bollards, horseshoe style fences, angled column protectors and even low-profile racking protectors. The possibilities with Slow Stop are almost endless and will suit various area types indoors and outdoors. If needed custom sizes can also be created.
  • Fast Install – The Slow Stop range allows for a very fast install time and ensures you can get your warehouse set up with minimum disruptions. Each of the standard Slow Stop Bollards can be installed in approximately 15 minutes using common tools.


Want to know more about the Slow Stop Guarding Systems? Download our brochure now!

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