The GHP Cable Tidy – The cheap and cheerful cable protection ramp

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When it comes to protecting cables or wires in an office or warehouse type environment you can never take too many precautions.  Where we see them on the ground in these places we sometimes forget how fragile these wires and cables can be and how important they can be to nearby machinery, computers or equipment. What’s more, exposed cables and wires can easily be identified as a health and safety issue – these exposed cables can be a nasty trip hazard for pedestrians who pass through the area.  The busier these environments are in terms of foot traffic the more of a trip hazard they become.

When in need of a cable protection solution for the office or warehouse look no further than the GHP Cable Tidy.


What is the GHP Cable Tidy?

The GHP Cable Tidy is a highly effective cable protection ramp that is quick and easy to deploy straight out of the box.  Once installed it can provide instant cable protection solutions to your area.  While physically effective it is also quite cost effective and provides a cheap and effective means of protecting cables and wires at only £14.99 per piece. Made from recycled rubber the GHP Cable Tidy is perfect for protecting wires or cables against the likes of foot traffic and trolleys, especially in environments where traffic is quite frequent. The GHP Cable tidy is ideal for using in offices and warehouses....
.... and is perfect for allowing trolleys or pedestrians over the ramp with ease



How do I use the GHP Cable Tidy?

The GHP Cable Tidy is easy to use straight out of the box – light and flexible, simply deploy the cable tidy to the area where you need it. Each cable tidy is fitted with 1 channel underneath that can fit a wire or cable that is up 15mm high and 40mm wide. This channel is perfect for protecting most standard power cables, making them suitable for power cables on computers or equipment in offices and warehouses.


What else does the GHP Cable Tidy offer?

With the GHP Cable Tidy you get more than just standard cable protection for loose wires in one area. If you have to cover cables over a vast area you can quickly and easily attach each cable tidy end on end to create a continuous line of cable protection 1 metre at a time.

For pedestrians and trolleys each GHP Cable Tidy is fitted with grip on the top surface to provide excellent grip when traversing over the cable ramp, ensuring safe footing and stability at all times.

The GHP Cable Tidy is available in a standard black colour but also comes in highly visible yellow colour. You can of course use one colour at a time or if you prefer you can interchange the colours when creating continuous lengths of cable protection.


The GHP Cable tidy is available from stock
Order today - available in black or yellow


 How do I buy the GHP Cable Tidy?

The GHP Cable Tidy is available from stock and ready for dispatch immediately.  For more information you can view the product on our website or call us on 020 3773 5397 if you would like to place an order.  For the best in cable protection ramps look no further than Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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