Retention Sockets

At Pittman we have an excellent range of retention sockets that are perfect for equipping bollards, bike racks, street furniture and more with the ability of removal should the need arise. Retention sockets are being used more and more across Ireland now - they allow the likes of root fixed or sub-surface items to be removed on short notice especially if works are taking place around the area.

How do retention sockets work?

Retention sockets are buried under the ground and allow for insertion of a bollard, bike rack etc. and removal of the same - something that cannot be done with regular root fixed items. Once concreted-in the socket will be flush on the surface with a plate that covers the mechanism to release the bollard should you need it.

Using a retention socket is ideal in situations that cannot allow for multiple excavations that may damage the bollard or item in question. The socket itself is completely reusable if being used in different areas. 

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