Cable Tidy Solutions

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7 Item(s)

Cable Tidy Solutions

As the UKs leading stockist of Cable Tidy we have an unbeatable selection including:

Here at Pittman we offer the best in cable tidy solutions and cable cover products. Cable tidies have become commonplace around busy workplaces, warehouses and work sites – with some of these installed in your area you can easily protect important wires and cables as well as reducing the trip hazards that some of these exposed cables may produce.

What kind of cable tidy solutions do you offer at Pittman?

Again, we supply a vast range of cable tidy solutions and with some of them ready straight off the shelf you can receive them in just a few days. A popular cable tidy solution among Pittman customers is the GHP Cable Tidy.  This cable tidy can be deployed quickly and easily straight out of the box – made from a tough rubber material they allow for protection of exposed wires, cables or leads and help to also reduce the trip hazards that may be presented to nearby pedestrians.

With the ability to attach these cable tidies end on end you can also create cable protection for long cables.  They are ideal for offices or warehouses where there may be exposed wires or cable on the ground, particularly from the likes of electrical equipment such as computers or machinery. With a choice of black and yellow you can choose a cable tidy solution that is perfect for protecting 15x40mm cables.

What kind of cable tidy solutions do I need for larger cables?

When it comes to larger cables or wires there are many options, but once again a popular choice among customers is the CR2 Pedestrian Cable Cover.  Made from tough rubber materials these cable covers provide excellent protection to cables and come with an easy open or close lid that allows quick access to the interior when required.

These cable ramps offer protection for 2 x 35mm cables or wires and can be attached end on end to protect cables spanning over a distance.


cable tidy solutions

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