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Driveway Mirror

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Driveway Mirror

What is a driveway mirror?

A driveway mirror is a mirror that allows private individuals to see oncoming vehicles outside their residence, especially where obstructions make them difficult to see them coming.

PITTMAN have the widest range of convex mirrors in the UK specialising in:

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Over the last number of years there has been an increase in the need for convex mirror in outdoor situations where there may be frequent traffic passing through the area. Using a driveway mirror is a sure way to see oncoming traffic when coming out of our house – by placing it in a key area that allows you to see oncoming traffic you are not only protecting yourself from a collision but also other drivers who may be quite unaware that there is a concealed entrance to a private property ahead.

How quickly can I install a driveway mirror?

These road side mirrors can be installed quickly and easily with minimal help and tools required to do so. 

With our driveway mirrors you receive everything you need in the box – with our SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror, for example, you will receive brackets to install the mirror to a standard 76mm pole OR directly to a wall, making them easy to install wherever you need the most.

To install these mirrors directly to a pole simply attached the main bracket at the back of the mirror to the c-shaped clip and this clip around the pole. To set the driveway mirror correctly you can easily swivel the mirror to ensure best possible vision for the area required.

What do I do if I need to see in two opposite directions?

If you need to see in two completely opposite direction then you will need to install two driveway mirrors. If you turn the mirror towards a certain direction to see clearer you won’t see much in the other direction – hence a second mirror would be needed to see cars coming form the opposite side.

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