Observation Mirror

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Observation Mirror

PITTMAN have the widest range of convex mirrors in the UK specialising in:

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What is an observation mirror?

An observation mirror is not like a typical household mirror – it usually relates to an industrial type mirror that is used to see oncoming vehicles or pedestrians in a professional environment, adhering to many safety standards and guidelines.  Observation mirrors provide excellent vision for users and help to prevent accidents or emergencies in the busiest of environments.

Here at Pittman we supply many different types of observation mirror that can be used in many different environments, each one as suitable as the last.  Quick and easy to install, these safety mirrors can pay dividends down the line and show true value for money.

What kind of observation mirror do I need for my factory?

Factories have become some of the busiest environments across the UK – the busier places become the more at risk they are to accidents in the workplace. A suitable observation mirror for a factory environment is the 360 degree panoramic acrylic convex mirror.  With the ability to suspend this from the ceiling with chain or bolt it directly to the ceiling this safety mirror provides excellent observational benefits to a factory, allowing different users to see from many different angles.

Available in various different sizes this safety mirror is available up to 1250mm in diameter, providing a wide vision of the area, suitable for larger warehouses or factories where it may be harder to see over a distance.

Observation mirrors can become crucial to work safety and will provide benefits from the moment they are installed in your premises.

How can I purchase an observation mirror?

Here at Pittman we are always here to assist with questions regarding convex mirrors, safety mirrors and observation mirrors. Feel free to call us to speak to our team on 020 3773 5397 or email us at sales@pittmantraffic.co.uk

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