Round Convex Mirror

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Round Convex Mirror

PITTMAN have the widest range of convex mirrors in the UK specialising in:

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A round convex mirror is one of the most common convex mirror types used on British roadsides today.  With excellent vision and clarity round convex mirrors offer the customer excellent benefits from the moment they are installed.  Using a round convex mirror is a sure way to see oncoming traffic when placed in the right area, ideal for the likes of rural homes or business where it may be hard to see oncoming traffic.  Overgrowth of trees or bushes cause issues for motorists and the round convex mirror bypasses these and allows you to see traffic when they are installed across the road from your residence, for example.

Can a round convex mirror see in 2 different directions at once?

Typically, each round convex mirror will allow you to see oncoming traffic in one direction.  When the convex mirror is installed you will have to adjust it so that it will point more so toward the direction you are having trouble seeing traffic in. 

To see in the other direction you would have to turn the convex mirror to the other side and vice versa.  In short, the most ideal solution for seeing in two different directions at once is to install 2 round convex mirrors, one pointed in each direction.  This is quite easy to accomplish with a round convex mirror as they do not take up a lot of room. 

For example our SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror is perfect for installing on a rural road and they can be installed quickly and easily. In each box of these convex mirrors you will receive brackets to install to a pole or a wall.  When installing on a pole you can put one round convex mirror on top of the other and point them in different directions, thus providing a solution to seeing traffic from multiple directions.

If you require a round convex mirror with an indestructible design for an urban area why not try the SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirror – made to provide years of service while remaining virtually maintenance free from day 1.

round convex mirror

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