Wall Corner Protectors

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9 Item(s)

Wall Corner Protectors

Pittman are the UK experts in Corner Protectors - choose from our full range including:

Wall Corner Protectors are widely used in a variety of workplaces to help reduce damage to surfaces from impacts. Trolleys in corridors, vehicles in multi-storey car parks, or forklifts carrying loads in warehouses – all can result in collisions with walls. These collisions can cause marks, scrapes, damage or even injury to personnel, therefore resulting in avoidable expense to your business.

Whether you have just had a risk assessment completed, or even if you want to reduce the number of unsightly scrapes PITTMAN can help with you with an innovative range of wall corner protectors which are affordable, easy to install and readily available from our large stocks.

Some of our best-selling wall corner protectors include:

Wall Guard with Double D Strip – great for car parks, warehouses, loading bays

Semi-circular 40/40 Impact Protection Foam – our “pac-man” profile is a dense rubber foam with handy self-adhesive strip

Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron – again is widely used in car parks – the reflective strips give high visibility

GHP Corner Protector – our best-seller for columns, corners and edges!

Our Hospital Wall Protection Profiles are plastic and suitable for hygienic areas as they are easily cleaned.

For more industrial areas, our Traffic Line Loading Bay Buffers are tough, easily fixed and long-lasting.

The PITTMAN team are friendly and happy to help with your next project for wall corner protectors. Why not email us a photo of the area that you need to protect and we can recommend the best solution for your application. Call us on 020 3773 5397 or email us on sales@pittmantraffic.co.uk

wall corner protectors

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