Non Slip Mats

15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

Non Slip Mats

Non Slip Mats – Help Eliminate Slips, Trips and Falls At Work.

According the Health and Safety Executive, employers in the UK spend over £500m per year in costs related to workplace trips and slips1. As well as insurance costs, employers costs can include lost productivity, delays to customers and a lot of time lost to red tape. Injured persons are impacted by loss of income, pain, stress and worry.

The problem is big, but the solution can be small! One of the biggest causes of workplace trips and slips is wet or dirty floors. Footwear, moisture and smooth surfaces = hazard.

By investing in non slip mats from PITTMAN you can avoid or at least very much reduce the risks associated with trips and slips.

Our best-selling non slip mats include:

GHP Rubber Mats – perfect for inside or outside, a real favourite with the food industry and for behind bars, counters, food preparation areas. Comes in one size 90 x 150cm – our best seller is priced unbeatably giving you supreme quality at real value prices.

Sanitop – the professional choice of non slip mat from NOTRAX. This very popular mat comes in standard (colour: black) or grease resistant (colour: red) quality. Available in a number of sizes as well as modular tile sections.

Grit Trax Anti-Slip Matting – for extreme situations where there is regular fluid spills as part of a process, or very exposed areas like roof tops. With a mineral abradant surface this mat will withstand the harshest of environments.

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Note 1: What do slip and trip accidents costs?

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