Indoor Door Mats

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11 Item(s)

Indoor Door Mats

Our range of indoor mats are an excellent choice for any building’s entrance, preventing dirt, dust and debris from entering reception areas and hallways.  Entrance and reception areas are often a person’s first impression of an organisation or institute, entrance mats enhance the look of any building giving a professional finish.

Indoor Mats Boost Safety At Entrances

Slips and falls are a major hazard at entrances, especially during bad weather conditions during rain, sleet and snow. Floors and interior carpets can quickly become saturated, dirty and slippery, creating a trip hazard. Shoes can lose traction and surface grip leading to skids causing the person to lose balance and fall. During dry weather, entrance areas can accumulate dust, dirt, sand and debris from shoes, particularly in busy traffic areas.

We offer a wide variety of indoor mats to cater for your individual needs, choose from a range of colours, textures and stylish patterns to help match any interior and create a professional appearance for any entrance.

The Guzzler Door Mat is one of our best-selling indoor mats. Not only does it boost a generous lifespan with its raised waffle pattern, it also effectively removes dirt and moisture for shoes. The mat is capable of holding six litres of water per square meter, making it an ideal choice for any busy entrance such as in schools, colleges, public buildings and in sports facilities.

The Aqua Trap Door Entrance Mat is designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic, it maintains its professional appearance for prolonged periods of time. The 13mm thick indoor mat is able to hold a water capacity of six litres per square meter making it highly absorbent for wet days. With its anti-slip features, it prevents guests and visitors from slipping upon entering your premises.

The Uptown Entrance Mat is also an extremely popular aesthetically appealing functional entrance mat. The vinyl backing ensures longevity and minimum movement. Available in a variety of colours, this elegant mat has superior dirt camouflaging properties. Our Notrax indoor mats are widely used in hotels and office entrances and are suitable for use in public buildings that are exposed to high levels of foot traffic. These indoor mats come in stock sizes and in rolls up to 180cm x 18.3cm, per linear metre.

 Door Matting Tip

Mats should always be laid on a clean and level surface. It is important to inspect the mat frequently to ensure freedom of objects and a build-up of debris. Mat maintenance should include regular hoovering. Our Notrax door mats will look great even after thousands of people have walked over them.

indoor door mats

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