Rubber Mats

34 Item(s)

34 Item(s)

Rubber Mats

At Pittman we have a fantastic range of rubber mats and rubber backed matting, ideal for using in both indoor and outdoor areas. Choose the rubber mat best suited to your environment - get the best quality mats delivered to your door FAST.

Why use a rubber mat?

Rubber mats provide excellent grip and stabilty for pedestrians and can be layed out on site easily. Rubber mats are suitable for using in pedestrian orientated environments and are commonly used for walkways, entrances, workstations and more. 

Can rubber mats be used outside?

Rubber mats can be used outside - the tough rubber material is ideal for outdoor use where it is resistant to weathering. 

One of Pittman's most popular rubber mats is the GHP Rubber Mat - this mat comes in a standard 90 x 150cm size and is perfect for using at a building entrance. The rubber material provides excellent grip at all times and allows for drainage through the holes in the mat. 

Can rubber mats be used on a roof?

Rubber matting can be used on a roof - the matting is suitable for providing grip on a roof walkway where pedestrians are exposed to the elements. Our Vynagrip Anti Slip Matting comes in a 10 metre roll and is perfect for roof walkway systems.

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