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Uphold Excellent Safety Standards With Pittman Safety Rubber Mats

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24 Item(s)

Safety Mats

At Pittman we have a vast range of safety mats and rubber matting to choose from which will allow you to create the safest entrances and work environments possible. We have safety matting suitable for many different environments, whether you have a business entrance, kitchen, school, or factory to think about.

How do safety mats work?

Safety mats are predominently made from rubber and provide grip and stability for pedestrians when traversing over them. The high quality rubber mats here at Pittman can be laid out instantly and are suitable for many area types, ranging from dry and wet areas to light and heavy foot traffic environments. 

One of our most popular safety mat options is the Sanitop Safety Rubber Mat. Available in 3 different sizes this matting comes in a loose lay format and provides instant anti-slip and safety benefits for your area. The high quality rubber provides grip to pedestrians as they are standing on the mat, even if the surface becomes wet. The holes in the safety mat allow for excellent drainage at all times, helping to reduce the risk of slips, trips or falls and makes them ideal for indoor environments such as kitchens or outdoor entrances to buildings where they can also help to remove dirt and debris.

If you require something for outdoor walkways our Vida Hi-Viz Yellow Outdoor Rubber Mats come in a long 10 metre roll and provide excellent grip for mainteance or works crews operating across rooftops or walkways on buildings. Each roll of rubber matting provides excellent grip and stability with a highly visible yellow rubber for excellent visibility by works crews. 

For private residences or business entrances we could also recommend the SuperScrape Outdoor Door Mat - this high quality matting comes with a "scraper" type surface which assists with removing dirt and debris from shoes before pedestrians have a chance to enter a building. This is excellent for the likes of businesses where it will help to reduce costly cleaning and maintenance.

Rubber Safety Mat

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