Speed Humps

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6 Item(s)

Speed Humps

Here at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment we provide a number of diffferent speed humps that are perfect as a traffic calming method for your area.  Helping to slow down traffic, each speed hump is very durable and can withstand plenty of traffic over long periods of time.  

Made with the best in recycled rubber each speed bump is sure to last and will provide excellent benefits for a long time.

Why choose a speed hump over a speed bump?

Where speed bumps provide a sharp, sudden bump once they are installed, speed humps provide you with a traffic calming measure that covers a greater area from front to back.  Speed humps are perfect for installing in areas where there may be frequent traffic by normal vehicles as well as HGV activity, making them perfect for car parks, warehouses and other similar environments.

Because speed humps do not slow down traffic as much as a speed bumps it allows traffic to flow quicker and easier but also slowing vehicles down to a relatively safe speed. 

What kind of speed humps can I buy with Pittman?

Here at Pittman we provide a number of different speed humps that will act as a very effective traffic calming measure.  The most popular speed hump in our range is the Safety Rider Speed Hump Kit. Available in different kit sizes the Safety Rider Speed hump comes with all the main sections you need to create the length of speed hump you require, as well as end caps to close off the ends of the ramp. Each of the Safety Rider speed hump main sections is molded with yellow strips to help with visibility with motorists.  What's more they are also vulcanised and molded to provide the utmost grip with any vehicle.

Also available from Pittman is the Greenwich speed hump. This speed hump is like the Safety Rider in that it provides an excellent means of traffic calming while allowing traffic to flow through when needed.  However, the Greenwich speed hump is perfect for slowing down regular vehicle traffic but instead allowing emergency services vehicles to drive over them with ease. 

Here at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment we have a variety of speed humps and speed bumps that are perfect for many kinds of environments. 


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