Bicycle Lane Separators

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Bicycle Lane Separators

Keep Cyclists Safe On City Streets With Our Bike Lane Separators

Many studies have confirmed that protected bike lanes are safer for both cyclists and motorists. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado concluded that physically separated and protected bike lanes are safer than no protection with considerably less injuries and fatalities.

Significantly this same study highlighted a risk that bike lanes marked solely with white lines, may in fact be more dangerous than cycle lanes with no markings. Their hypothesis was that white lines may provide a false sense of security to the cyclist. It is clear that we need to provide physical separation between motorist and cyclists.

bike lane separators

Modular rubber and plastic systems have proven popular with local authorities allowing for quick deployment, easy installation as well as high visibility reflective materials. Furthermore modular systems are easier to re-position after a trial period if the layout needs to be adjusted. Very precise profiles can be achieved by factory moulding a separator rather than forming in concrete in situ. Light segregation of cyclists from motorists can be achieved by combining low profile delineation barriers with high reflective impact recovery bollards.

Benefits of bicycle lane separators

  • Protect cyclists from cars
  • Delineate roads for motorists
  • Cost-effective means for marking lanes
  • Easily replaced if damaged during use

why use bicycle lane separators?


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