Wheelchair Kerb Ramps

Product Code: P-752484
Wheelchair Kerb Ramps(Product Code: P-752484)

Kerb Ramps let you easily and quickly provide a ramp for wheelchairs and other wheeled objects get up minor kerbs and low obstacles. It’s lightweight and simple to transport, but is tough enjoy for long-term use. The disabled ramp is made from fibreglass so there is no rust of corrosion or rust.

  • Anti-slip surface allows the ramp to be used in bad weather, gripping both the wheels and soles of your feet
  • Highly reflective yellow colour means everyone has a better chance of seeing the ramp, reducing the risk of tripping over it.
  • The kerb ramp is ideal for hospitals, warehouses, delivery drivers and storage depots

The Kerb Ramp is great for any wheelchair, trolley or cart, and available to buy online from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.


  • Length: 690mm
  • Width: 1050mm
  • High Visibility

    High Visibility

  • Anti-Theft Device

    Anti-Theft Device

  • Bolt Down

    Bolt Down

  • Professional Use

    Professional Use

Product Information


Options Price Quantity

Ramp GRP - SWL 350kg - 1,050mmW - Yellow (752484)

ex VAT £110.35 incl VAT £132.42

Ramp GRP - SWL 750kg - 1,050mmW - Yellow (765372)

ex VAT £140.86 incl VAT £169.03
Wheelchair Kerb Ramps


Wheelchair Kerb Ramps
Ramp GRP - SWL 350kg - 1,050mmW - Yellow £ 110.35
Ramp GRP - SWL 750kg - 1,050mmW - Yellow £ 140.86
£110.35 to £140.86
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