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Wheel Chocks

What are Wheel Chocks?

Wheel chocks are a low cost yet effective way to invest in vehicle safety. Chocks are manufactured in a variety of styles in numerous different materials some capable of withstanding the weight of HGVs and other heavy vehicles for example truck wheel chocks.

Where HGVs and other vehicles are required to be parked, or raised wheel chocks add an extra layer of security. When used at loading bays wheel chocks will stop trucks and trailers from moving around when they are being loaded and unloaded. Chocks can also provide an optional safety feature for forklifts, cranes, and trucks –  safety features that may actually be compulsory if there is no mechanical assistance on hand. Wheel Chocks are an essential items of equipment for deployment at airports too, in order to secure aircraft.

What are Wheel Chocks made from?

Rubber wheel chocks are recommended for use in certain situations, especially in wet and cold conditions, Wheel chocks which are often also resistant to many oils, solvents and chemicals.

Rubber chocks are tough, weatherproof and scratch-resistant and won’t freeze the users’ hands in excessively cold conditions.  Rubber wheel chocks are also highly non-slip. Chocks can be supplied with warning reflective stickers for warning of a potential hazard. PITTMAN’s Natural SBR Rubber Compound Aircraft Wheel Chock is widely used in the aviation industry, the chocks featuring reflective strips on all sides. Chocks are also grooved for extra grip and are easy to transport courtesy of their convenient carrying handle.

Can I purchase a wheel chock for HGVs?

The GHP Wheel Chock HD is suitable for use with many types of vehicles including vans, HGVs, trucks and trailers. These high visibility yellow chocks will help to ensure vehicles stay firmly fixed in place, preventing them from accidentally moving even when the brakes are deployed. This is especially useful where vehicles are parked on slopes or positioned at an angle. Chocks also feature handles to allow for easy transportation. Chocks are made from an extra resilient material, while their 6KG weight keeps them firmly weighted in position keeping the heaviest vehicles in place. Chocks are also suitable for using in car parks and warehouses

PITTMAN recommend that chocks should always be used in pairs and only deployed after the parking brake has been applied. The appropriate wheel chocks should be selected according to vehicle size and type and chocks should fit squarely against wheel tread when applied.

For more advice on selecting the appropriate wheel chock contact our friendly, expert sales team on sales@pittmantraffic.co.uk  or call us on 020 3773 5397.


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